Adventures in writing and living, from the shores of Portland, Maine.

Sarah Holman, writes in Portland, Maine for many great people...

Sarah Holman, writer and cheese enthusiast

The Deets

I am a writer living and working in Portland, Maine… where the food is as good as the beer, the people are friendlier than the weather, and the ocean is closer than the Interstate.

I grew up in rural Maine and left to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. A job at a small branding agency in the East Village introduced me to the possibility of a career in creative writing, though initially I pursued marketing and graphic design when I returned to Maine. My eventual transition to stay-at-home-mommy left me searching for a new creative outlet, and I began writing fiction. As time allowed (that is, as my stay-at-home-mommy job became less all-consuming) I took on freelance copywriting, editorial, and layout jobs. Currently I am a columnist and regular contributor for Maine Women Magazine, and I hope to add YA fiction author to my resume sometime in the next decade.

The Fluff

Things I devote non-writing time to include: running (in the woods), drinking coffee (at any hour), eating locally (cheese, please), treasure hunting (at thrift shops), worrying about climate change (not global warming), raising a daughter (she’s a tween!), exploring Maine (especially rural parts), and anything crafty (pass the hot glue gun).

The Work

I have written copy for publications, websites, brochures, resource guides, promotional pieces, and training materials for many companies, including:

  • Maine Women Magazine – Portland, Maine
    Monthly HOME columnist and regular editorial contributor
  • The Brand Collective – Auburn, Maine
    Freelance copywriter for multiple re-branding projects
  • Polychrome Collective – Portland, Maine
    Freelance grant writer for non-profit organizations
  • Birth Roots – Portland, Maine
    Contract layout designer and project manager for the annual Birth Roots Resource Guide
  • SlickFish Studios – Portland, Maine
    Freelance copywriter, project manager, and design consultant for this creative Maine website design company.
  • Management Research Group – Portland, Maine
    Freelance copywriter and layout designer for marketing initiatives and training resources
  • RF Sales & Marketing – Portland, Maine
    Freelance copywriter
  • Frawley Construction – Cape Elizabeth, Maine
    Freelance copywriter for marketing, print, and online materials
  • Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine – Portland, Maine
    Former Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Links to Published Articles and Columns

Activism Is All In This Family For These Women
Maine Women Magazine, February 2019
Her mom worked for the ACLU—and Ruth Bader Ginsburg—in the 1970s. Now Alison Beyea runs the ACLU of Maine and her daughter is planning a career in environmental activism…
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Mitten Mountains and Hat Hills
Maine Women Magazine, February 2019
How is it that every winter, despite my diligent efforts and family-wide reminders, I am constantly picking up mittens, hats, jackets, boots and scarves from all over the house…
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Beginning a Life Together
Maine Women Magazine, January 2019
Meet four couples who chose to mark their commitment to each other with a wedding—one that brought together the people they love in ceremonies that were as unique as they are…
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Cozy and Calm Decor
Maine Women Magazine, January 2019
Coming off the busy holiday season, January is a month for recuperation and renewal, a time when I want my home’s interior to support a calm, introspective state…
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Toni’s Touch: More than a Salon
Maine Women Magazine, December 2018
Drawing customers from around the state, Toni’s Touch in Portland is a beauty shop that feels like family…
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A Packrat’s Holiday
Maine Women Magazine, December 2018
Incorporating nostalgic objects—in all their imperfect, off-trend glory—into modern holiday decorating…
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Cool Home Finds
Maine Women Magazine, November 2018
Whether it’s something colorful on the wall or underfoot, or a repurposed antique that gives your space a unique flair, these neat finds at Maine shops are fun ways to make a room yours…
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Applications Scientist Heather Anne Wright
Maine Women Magazine, October 2018
“The biotech industry represents the interface between science and technology,” says Heather Anne Wright. “It’s a broad way to think about how research is translated and applied.”…
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Hydropower Licensing Consultant Sarah Verville
Maine Women Magazine, October 2018
“‘Large Maine corporation seeking attorney, 1-3 years’ experience.’ That’s all it said.” When Sarah Verville answered the vague employment ad, she was 29 and had a year under her belt at a small law firm…
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Don’t Get Lost in the Noise (co-writer)
Lumber Co-operator, September/October 2016
Page 70
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What is Your Story? (co-writer)
Lumber Co-operator, March/April 2016
Page 104
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